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Web Site Design & Development

Video Transcript:

These days, almost anyone can build a website. But simply "building a website" is different from building a website that is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Simply building a website is different from creating a website that is future-proof - designed to grow and adapt to your business, and is easy for you to update - instead of forcing you back to "square one" whenever you want to do something new or different. And simply building a website is different than having a web strategy that cuts through the hype and misconceptions surrounding social media, bloggings, and high search engine rankings.

These days, when almost anyone can "build a website", simply building a website is not enough.

Our business is Internet Advisor. We help small business owners make sense of their online investment of time and money. In short, we don't simply build websites ... we build websites that build profits!

Design Philosophy

At Internet Advisor, we focus on building websites that:

  • are clean and easy to navigate
  • are quick and simple for you to update
  • help your business rank well in the search engines
  • can leverage the power of social media
  • are future-proof - able to expand and adapt with your business

Success online requires a consistent effort, and Internet Advisor helps small business owners make sense of their investment of time and/or money.

Web Sites For Any Budget

We can build your new website to fit any budget.

Costs to develop a website typically fall into three categories:


The more intricate and custom the design, the higher the cost.

Internet Advisor designs clean, custom, professional-looking templates that match the "look and feel" of your business.

For higher-budget websites, Internet Advisor also works with talented graphic designers to create something that has high-impact and is memorable for your web project.

For websites on a budget, Internet Advisor can often adapt pre-designed web templates that can be purchased at a nominal cost. We go through various template options with clients to help them pick a design and layout that will be functional for visitors, and still be easy to update for them.

When the immediate need is larger than the immediate budget, we also help business owners prioritize and plan their web project. For example, we may recommend a simpler design to allow for more content to be added to the site initially. We would design the layout in such a way that once the site is producing results and a decision is made to invest in a new, more elaborate design, the new template can be applied to all of the existing pages by changing just a few files - no need to start over from "square one".

Coding / Development

Over our 10+ years working with content management systems, we have developed a specialized "core" codebase that can get a basic, informational site running in a matter of minutes.

The Internet Advisor core allows us to keep the cost of the coding/development phase to a minimum, resulting in a lower overall budget or more resources being dedicated to the design and/or content of your site.

Our experience also gives us access to a wide library of modules and techniques, allowing us to build more advanced features into your web project in a cost- and time-efficient manner.

Based on a secure and extensible open source wiki platform, we can adapt our core codebase to virtually any purpose you can imagine. While a specialized platform is better suited in some applications, which we often use for projects like e-commerce sites or blogs, we have used our core platform to build everything from informational sites, to online stores, to blogs, to membership sites ... in fact, to anything that will best serve you and your customers.


"Easy to navigate" is a comment we hear regularly about websites we develop. Whether your site will be 5 or 500 pages, we can make it easy for your customers to find the information they need, and also make it easy for you to update and manage.

Contact Internet Advisor today and find out what your new website can do for your business.

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