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Web Site Development

Update and manage your website as easily as writing an email!

Web designer, e-commerce and marketing services- St. Thomas / London, Ontario Internet Advisor can design a website that is clean, professional, easy-to-navigate, easy-to-update, and will fit any budget.

With over 12 years' experience, we have gained extensive resources and knowledge that allow us to build your custom website in a time- and cost-efficient manner. More importantly, Internet Advisor makes sure your new site is compatible across all popular browsers and mobile devices, and is compliant with the accessibility guidelines that may be required for your business.

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Maintain and update your existing websites

The most important feature of any website is to have accurate, timely information. Just because your website has been around for awhile, doesn't mean it should be out of date.

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Social Media

The big myth is that marketing through social media is “free”.

A consistent and effective social media strategy requires an investment of time, and one of the fundamental truths in business is, “time is money”.

Internet Advisor will help leverage your time, to increase your return on the investment of both time and money in social media marketing.

Be effective, be consistent, and make social networking work for your business or professional practice.

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Web Business Strategy and Transformation

Fat too often, small business owners waste time and money chasing after the latest internet fads. Internet Advisor can help you create a winning strategy to maximize your return on investment online.

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Web Hosting & Domain Registration

Internet Advisor provides one-stop, hassle-free hosting and domain registration.

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