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Search Engine Optimization Test - Mt. Konocti

Following a lengthy forum discussion on Ryze, I wanted to demonstrate how easy it is to achieve high rankings for very specific keywords (such as the name of your company) without paying hundreds or thousands of dollars to an "SEO specialist".

A colleague was doing work for an organization in California with a fairly unique name, so the task was to see how high and for how long we could rank in the top results using only legitimate, on-page techniques.

Here is the original test page: Mt. Konocti Facilitation

Update 2014-05-29: If you do a search for "Mt. Konocti Facilitation", you'll see we're still in the top few results after 7 years!


Russ Jackman, Internet Advisor
Russ Jackman is the principal of Internet Advisor, a web design and internet marketing firm located in St. Thomas, Ontario.

The concept of the "Internet Advisor" is that the designer becomes a partner or trusted consultant, who can simply provide advice and direction, completely implement a solution from start to end, or any degree in between. This insures that the strengths of a client are utilized, to minimize the investment required and maximize the benefits to their organization.

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