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Russ Jackman is a web designer and internet consultant near London, Canada, specializing in web solutions for small business and non-profit organizations.

Carefully selecting clients from across the United States and Canada, Russ works on the principle that a successful website is not a "one-shot" effort ... the true value of a web project can only be achieved by the client and designer working closely on strategy, planning, marketing & promotion, and updates on an ongoing basis. Not only do different clients have different needs and objectives from the internet, but clients wish to take different levels of involvement in the design and maintenance of their site.

The concept of the "Internet Advisor" is that the designer becomes a partner or trusted consultant, who can simply provide advice and direction, completely implement a solution from start to end, or any degree in between. This insures that the strengths of a client are utilized, to minimize the investment required and maximize the benefits to their organization.

As your "Internet Advisor", Russ can help your business or organization capitalize on technological advances, often without investing thousands of dollars required for many "one-shot" internet proposals. Click here to view a portfolio of selected client sites.

To schedule a free, 30-minute consultation with the Internet Advisor on ways the world wide web can benefit your organization, click or call today:

Email: russjackman@internetadvisor.ca
Tel: 519.782.7877 (782-RUSS)


  • Dynamic Content Management Systems - Update and manage your website as easily as writing an email!
  • Maintenance and updating of existing websites
  • Internet Marketing and e-commerce
  • Web business strategy and transformation
  • Training and education for small business owners and non-profit organizations on leveraging the web for greatest benefit to your organization. An educated customer is our BEST customer.


  • iMotionVideo is launching their monthly subscription service for affordable web video ... under $50 per month until October 17, 2010 $80 per month, including 1 free video per billing cycle.

Click here to see a sample of of the video iMotionVideo produced for Dr. Woodwell's Wood Elixir.

Click here for more information (Note: This is an affiliate link)

  • Netaphysical Blog - Be sure to read Russ' Netphysical blog, designed as a resource for small business owners to learn about the opportunities and pitfalls of the web and internet marketing. As the old television ad for a men's clothier stated, "Our best customer is an educated customer", and through the Netaphysical blog Russ hopes to inform, educate, and hopefully excite to the opportunities to create a profitable web prescence for your small business.

  • Portfolio Additions - We are pleased to add Bogdanovic Homes, Ken Jones Signs, the Oxford County Federation of Agriculture and Old Metairie Dermatology to our portfolio of content management-enabled websites.

Each site demonstrates the power and flexibility of the unique, wiki-based content management solution offered by Internet Advisor.

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Just for Fun

  • Obliterate the competition's website ... - Visit NetDisaster.com for a little fun. From natural disasters to attacking aliens, unleash a Net Disaster on your site or your competitor's. Be sure to try the "text sucker"!

About the InternetAdvisor.ca Website

InternetAdvisor.ca is built on an open source content management system (CMS). Since mid-2005, most of our customers have expressed an interest in websites that they can manage and maintain themselves. In response, we spent several months evaluating various scripts that offer this functionality.

Now, the majority of our sites are built on a system that allows customers to edit and add pages, images, and documents to their website as easily as writing an email (see sample CMS-based sites here). The increased costs to create a dynamic site are offset in maintenance costs and the benefits of having a website that is accurate and responsive to the needs of customers.